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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum comprises a planned programme covering six learning areas aimed at a holistic development of each child in his/her physical, social, affective, cognitive and creativity domains. The learning areas are:

6 Learning Areas

  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Discovery of the World
  • Language and Literacy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Numeracy
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Character Values (Character First)

We offer various optional enrichment programmes. Click on the pictures below to find out more about each programme.

Enrichment Programmes

  • English Speech & Drama Merino's Kingdom (MK) (K1 & K2)
  • Chinese Speech & Drama by Green Apple Culture Communication (N only)
  • Chinese Integrated Programmes by  Green Apple Culture Communication (K1 / K2)
  • John Langrehr Thinking Programme (K1 & K2 only)
  • Nimble Fingers Nimble Minds (N-K2)